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  • Patagonia opens second-hand store

    Patagonia opens second-hand store

    American fashion brand Patagonia has opened a pop-up store that will sell only second-hand clothing and its new ReCrafted collection, which has been made of irreparable clothes. The pop-up store is a physical extension of its second-hand platform WornWear.com.


    First physical second-hand store

    As Patagonia's store in Boulder (Colorado) is moving to a larger building, the brand thought the old store could be used for a pop-up store for WornWear.com. The pop-up will remain open until February and will offer high-quality second-hand items and 'recrafted' clothes that were made from clothes beyond repair. The store will also offer workshops on repairing clothes, SGB Media writes.


    Patagonia has been making sustainability one of its central pillars for a long time now: each year, the brand repairs more than 100,000 items of clothing in no fewer than 72 centres around the world. Two years ago, Patagonia launched an online platform for second-hand clothing that it has bought back from customers. It proved to be a successful move, selling 120,000 items of clothing already. In the last three years, the second-hand clothing market has grown 21 times faster than the regular fashion sector.