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  • Omoda expands to Scandinavia

    Omoda expands to Scandinavia

    Dutch shoe chain Omoda is to open a Danish web shop before the end of the year, expanding to Finland, Norway and Sweden in 2020.


    "Logical choice"

    The Dutch chain takes the step as its owners see Scandinavians as being the closest to the Dutch, as well as having a similar climate. "This makes Scandinavia a better choice than a Southern European country, where people wear different shoes and have different sizes than the Dutch", owner Wilhelm Verton says to local news station Omroep Zeeland.


    His Omoda chain sells around a million pairs of shoes per year, 60?% of which are sold online. Wilhelm's brother, and co-owner, Lourus Verton says his company was one of the first to make a successful move to e-commerce. "Had that gone wrong, we would not be where we are now".


    Omoda was founded in 1961 as Verton, by Lourus and Wilhelm's parents. The chain has since expanded to 22 Dutch and one Belgian store, with online stores in Austria and Germany as well.